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Material handling and management is a constantly evolving field. Professionals and newcomers alike must always keep their skills up-to-date for a competitive edge in the industry. 

From career advancement to ways to increase your bottom line, our 4-course certificate program was aimed to accomplish this and keep you up to date on the latest techniques and upcoming changes in the field. Each course will take 2-months to complete and provides an official course certificate on completion. Once all the courses have been completed a final exam can be initiated by contacting us. If successful, an official P.M.M. (Professional Materials Manager) accreditation will be awarded.

1st Course (MM-1):
Introduction to Materials Handling and Management

In collaboration with Liftow, the Introduction to Materials Handling and Management Course or MM-1 provides the foundation of skills to be successful in Materials Handling and Management. From equipment overviews to materials handling and starting management skills. This course forms the essential base of materials handling and management for any keen learner with in-depth concepts and real-world examples and applications.

2nd Course (MM-2):
Materials Management and Techniques

Building off of MM-1, Materials Management and Techniques focuses on the techniques and processes used in today’s warehouse management. MM-2 walks you through how to better your decision-making for sensitive warehouse planning and management. From production and inventory control to financial planning and budgeting. Materials Management and Techniques, MM-2, provides the skills necessary to run a successful warehouse operation.

3rd Course (MM-3):
Modern Materials Management

Technology has pushed materials handling and management to use better and more efficient systems to better manage your warehouse. Modern Materials Management, or MM-3, goes over incorporating your warehouse system with the latest technology and systems to provide your management skills with the edge in today’s growing tech environment. Focused on reducing warehouse overhead, MM-3 includes courses on Database Development to Logistics Analysis as technology streamlines warehouse management.

4th Course (MM-4):
Advanced Materials Handling and Management

Advanced Materials Management and Handling is the final course offered by MHMS. It aims to combine the above courses in a comprehensive big-picture approach. Focused on combining the various techniques and knowledge already learned, MM-4 readies you for situations where both common and unique warehouse problems appear. From knowledge of in-depth management regardless of industry to full warehouse systems layout planning. MM-4 tackles a wide range of course material but remains focused on the key problems that will plague the road to high-quality materials handling and management.

Image by Ruchindra Gunasekara


Each course costs $995 CAD that includes the course package and an official course certificate on completion. When enrolling for 3 or more courses, each course is $875 CAD. For this bundle, please contact us to receive the discounted price.


"The instructors were well-versed in the topics and were quick to provide guidance. [...] A firm foundation to build a lasting career within the industry and the P.M.M. Certification provided me with a sense of confidence with other industry professionals."

- Michael P.M.M., C.E.T., LSSGB

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