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Advanced Materials Handling and Management (MM-4)

MM-4 readies you for situations where both common and unique warehouse problems appear. From knowledge of in-depth management regardless of industry to full warehouse systems layout planning. This is a comprehensive course aiming to guide the manager to best practices and maintain high-quality material handling and management. As per the prerequisite blow, it is recommended that you have completed MM-3 before starting this course.


- Completed Modern Materials Management (MM-3)

Course Subjects

1. The role of Materials Handling and Materials

2. Management in Business and Industry

3. Materials Handling Equipment

4. Automation and Systems Integration

5. Manufacturing and Warehousing Operations and Control

6. Special Materials Handling Operations

7. Health and Safety, Ergonomics and Human Factors

8. Industrial Engineering Methods and Techniques

9. Warehouse and Manufacturing Systems Layout Planning

10. Project Management

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