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Our Memberships

Members benefit by having access to professional meetings and seminars and networking with other professionals in the fields of materials handling and management. These fields include and are not limited to, logistics, distribution management, materials handling equipment, storage design, information technology, facility design, staffing, and operations management.


All members also receive free subscriptions to periodicals dedicated to our industry. All members receive discounts when attending any of the MHMS Ontario events or enrolling in our courses.

Individual Membership

Individual memberships include free specialty events, discounted courses, and discounts on regular events. Starting at $125, the invidiual membership is suited for first-time members and those wanting to get started with courses and events.

Corporate Membership

Corporate memberships includes 5 individual memberships, a board of directions spot and a dedicated appreciation at events and on our webiste. Starting at $600, the corporate membership provides flexible changes in the ownership of each individual memberships and corporate recognition in MHMS.

Thank you to our corporate members

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