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About Us

The Materials Handling and Management Society is a non-profit organization with a history of serving the materials handling and distribution industry for over 70 years. MHMS is dedicated to providing members with an opportunity to develop their professional skills and knowledge through educational seminars and courses, facility tours, trade shows, conferences, information exchange programs, a timely newsletter, and networking opportunities.

Our Mission

The Materials Handling and Management Society is dedicated to providing career development and recognition for material handling professionals. 

This commitment extends to anyone whose responsibilities embrace the planning, design, deployment, or operation of equipment and systems that are fundamental for the use of material handling products and practices.

Our History

The Materials Handlings and Management society started in the US, but It was not until 1949 that 100 members came together to organize Toronto's first Materials and Management Society. By 1960, MHMS had spread to the majority of Canada offering many events and growing members. However, MHMS' Canada growth stalled in the 2000s.


Thus, in 2020, MHMS realized it must also change with the times.  Today's MHMS puts a focus on modern materials handling and management. From discussing technological changes and impacts on our industries to events catered to viewing the top warehouses in Canada. MHMS has chosen to evolve with the times and take new strides and acceptance in the modern day.

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