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Materials Management and Techniques (MM-2)

What is the best decision to make when deciding on inventory organization? How can you best evaluate equipment purchases or warehouse expansions? MM-2 or Materials Management and Techniques focuses on helping you make these tough decisions and introduces methods to statistically analyze and select the best path forward for your warehouse. As per the prerequisite below, it is recommended that you have completed MM-1 before starting this course.


- Completed Introduction to Materials Handling and Management (MM-1)

Course Subjects

1. What is Materials Management?

2. Warehouse Management

3. Introduction to Production and Inventory Control

4. Introduction to Work Study

5. The Analytical Techniques of Work Sampling

6. Statistics

7. Economic Appraisal and Analysis of Alternatives

8. Flow Process Charting and Plant Layout

9. Financial Planning and Budgeting

10. Management Planning

11. Order Processing

12. Communications

13. Purchasing

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